We want to acknowledge our appreciation of Busy Bee for refunding the 166 ticket holders who purchased through their stores. While all of the ticket money paid to the Party In The Pines artists continues to be held, we applaud Busy Bee for being able to make it right for those who purchased through them. Our legal team continues to pursue the best method to retrieve our funds and be able to find the best solution for our ticket purchasers, campers, sponsors and vendors.


Busy Bee announced on social media today that they will be refunding all Busy Bee purchasers of Party In The Pines tickets. They will be providing detailed information as to this process beginning next week.
As we have previously acknowledged, Busy Bee sold tickets on consignment for Party In The Pines. As agreed, they paid the money for these tickets to us, and we subsequently paid that money to our artists’ talent agencies. Those funds have not been returned to us at this point, making it impossible for us to address the money spent by ticket purchasers, campers, vendors and sponsors.
We greatly appreciate the outstanding support of Busy Bee as a Party In The Pines sponsor. They went above and beyond in their sponsorship and marketing the event, and the action they announced today represents their commitment to community good will at its best.


Under threat of legal action from the talent agencies, we were forced to remove our previous informational statement. We’ll be updating everyone as soon as possible.



It is with a heavy heart that we inform you that Party in the Pines Music Festival, scheduled for October 19-20th, has been canceled due to circumstances beyond our control. We are working on a plan to compensate ticket holders and sponsors. Details will be posted to here on our website and social media pages soon.

We realize this impacts many people in many different ways. We apologize to our supporters and team members who have worked hard to bring this event to our community.